The start of 2020 will see the end of security patches being released for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server leaving them unprotected from newly found vulnerabilities and potentially exposed to malware and hackers.

It’s important now to take a look at what systems you are running and be prepared to update them before January 14th 2020.  Depending on the age of your computer you can choose to upgrade to Windows 10 or maybe look at replacing with a new computer running the latest hardware such as an SSD hard-drive.  

It is also the end for security patches being released for server products such as Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010.  If you are running any of these older systems it is sensible to start planning now for how you are going to replace them.  There are many new solutions available such as Office365, SharePoint and OneDrive which can give you greater flexibility in how you use technology within your business.

Anyone working towards the Cyber Essentials certification needs to make sure that all of their devices and applications are kept up to date and supported.  The recent cyber-security breach at the NHS shows how quickly a virus can spread around a network of un-patched and un-supported machines.

If you would like any advice on upgrading to Windows 10 or refreshing your server systems then please get in touch.