Ace IT Solutions was recently tasked with updating the server infrastructure for one of our clients based in Eastwood, Nottingham.  We carried out a full review of their existing systems to identify where the current risks and bottlenecks were and presented them with a plan to move forward.

The existing servers were over 8 years old, had very little disk space, were slow to respond and were running insecure and unsupported software. Backup was to an old tape drive running antiquated software and scripts that made recovery complex and prone to errors.

Working with our client we have replaced four old physical servers with one new server.  Reducing the number of servers has led to a big reduction in complexity along with reducing the power and cooling costs.  As the new servers are running the latest copies of Microsoft Windows they take advantage of the latest inbuilt security technology and can now download patches to keep themselves defended from the latest threats.

The old tape drive system has been replaced by a Datto business continuity appliance providing them with local backups throughout the day and a backup overnight to a secure data centre.  This means that in the event of a virus or hardware failure the files can easily be restored from the Datto appliance or even accessed from the cloud should the main office suffer a complete outage.

As part of the install we also recommended that they upgrade their old slow internet connection to a better package that was available in the area.  This has made a considerable difference when accessing their Office 365 email and cloud services.

All this was done with minimal disruption for the 40 users with our onsite engineer working with the ISP, software support companies and remote head office.  Once complete our client was impressed at how much quicker everything was running, with even simple things like opening Excel files happening faster.

Ace IT Solutions offer a free IT review to businesses in the East Midlands.  If you would like us to visit your organisation to look at the systems you are using, and then present you with a simple to understand report, please get in touch.